Mr. Griffin has been a member of both the federal and state bars since 1985. He has been the principal owner of the law firm dating back to 1990. Mr. Griffin enjoys a reputation of being an aggressive advocate for his client at all times in the litigation process. It is this quality, along with his many years of trial experience, that allows for a bond to be established between the client and our firm.
Our staff is rich with experience in ensuring the proper handling of all sensitive discussions occurring with the client. The firm is intimately aware of the stress that an indictment brings, and takes seriously its obligation to the client's need for competent representation, compassion, and confidentiality.
Upon being retained, the firm moves forward with the assigned number of staff personnel to assist Mr. Griffin in achieving the goals of the client. It is imperative that the client feel comfortable with the people surrounding him. The firm is extremely mindful of the task at hand: To protect the client's interests while working to achieve the maximum result possible.
We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.